SOLARZAP | UV Fly Insect Bug Mosquito Zapper

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Enjoy the summer without bug bites with this ultimate zapper!



Summer is ideal for both mammals and insects. Insects can carry deadly virus so it is crucial to use the proper tool that will prevent you from getting bitten.


This ultimate zapper is perfect for portable, and it's completely wireless powered by solar power.


Extremely easy to install, it will stick to the hard surfaces with the four powerful suctions. Which can be used for both outdoor, and indoor.



  • PATENT-PENDING: A safe, hygienic, and chemical-free way to get rid of insects. Say no more to pesky bugs, and insects!
  • PORTABLE: Compact and modern design allow easy carrying. Which can be handy when it comes to a family picnic, and outdoor events.
  • SAVE MONEY: No need to use batteries or electricity. It's completely powered by solar power.
  • SAVE TIME: No need to waste time and energy killing bugs, now the zapper will do the work for you!
  • REUSABLE: Made of premium ABS+ materials. It's tough and extremely easy to reuse. Simply detach one of the sides to empty the bugs out.



Tired of wasting time and using harmful chemicals just to kill bugs? No worries! This ultimate zapper is just the right fit! Featured with a UV beam technology it will attract the insects to the zapper and kill them instantly. Also, it requires absolutely no battery nor electricity which will allow you to install it anywhere without a limit. Best way to make your house bug-free zone without using harmful chemicals!