SHIATSUGER | Premium Heated Shiatsu Massager

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Traditional premium massage at home without ever having to leave your house!



Every day our body builds up tension throughout our muscles. As a result, it will build up over time to cause serious discomfort throughout your days, and chronic pains which will bring unhealthy sensation.


This ultimate massager is perfect for releasing the muscle tension and relaxing your muscle! Allowing you to experience the full body premium massage at home without breaking the bank.


Extremely easy to use, it features user-friendly control buttons which will allow you to control the heat and pressure. Just turn it on, and ready to use!



- Patent Pending: It's unique design features 8 special massage nodes that will work together to relieve muscle tightness and chronic pains on your body.

- Full Body Massage: U shaped body which is designed to massage all body parts including your neck, back, shoulder, and legs, arms.

- Heat Control Therapy: Built in heat therapy system which will promote blood circulation and effectively release muscle tensions/tiredness.

- Saves Time and Money: Experience the same premium massage sensation at home without ever having to leave and breaking the bank at the expensive traditional spa.

- Safety Timer: Built-in overheat protector, which will automatically shut down the massager after 15 minutes of usage to prevent overheating.




Struggling with tight and sore muscles? No worries! This ultimate massager is just the right fit for you! Featured with 4 big nodes, and 4 small nodes it will give out the perfect massages without missing a single spot. Get a massage every day from your room, office, or car, it's space-saving design allows you to take massage from anywhere you want. Great massager yet saves you from breaking the bank!