NIBBLY | Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter

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Cutting hard metal sheets has never been this easy!



Using extension cables can be a mess, and dangerous if you trip on the wire. It is crucial to use the proper tool that will get you a better result without the mess.


This ultimate multipurpose nibbler is perfect for cutting hard metal sheets without having to deal with any messy wires! It's also compatible with all types of power drills!


Extremely easy to use, just simply attach it to your drill and apply little force to start cutting out the metal sheets.




  • PATENT-PENDING: It's powered by a hand drill, which doesn't require any additional power sources. Simply make your drill into powerful nibbler that will cut all metal sheets with ease.
  • SPACE-SAVING: It's very light and compact, which will fit nicely in corner of your toolbox without consuming much space.
  • POWERFUL: It features excellent cutting speed by 2 meters per minute with 3000 RPM. Allowing you to cut without burrs at the cutting edges.
  • FLEXIBLE: Its cutting head adjusts 360° for easy cutting in any space. Also, featured grip allows easy control.
  • PRECISE: It will cut corrugated, round, or flat materials up to 14 Guage (2 mm thick), which varies by the material. Also, it will cut any shape to 12 mm radius.



Are you struggling to cut hard metal sheets? No worries! This multipurpose nibbler is just the right fit for you! Featured with unique patent pending design it's light, compact, and sleek. Also, there is no cord to get in the way which will allow you speed up the work!