INSTANAIL - Nail Art DIY Pattern Stamper

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Getting a perfect nail art done can be frustrating, and very time-consuming. It's crucial to use the proper technique and tool that will let you get the perfect nails done faster and better without hassles.


This DIY pattern stamper set is perfect for getting your nail art done in high quality and style in as little as few seconds. It will bring you fashion and beauty into your life while saving you time!


Very easy to use this tool will let you stamp amazing shapes and designs on your nails instantly! Featured with six images plates, it will allow you to paint up to 54 unique designs



- Precise Stamping: Unlike most of the hand-held nail stamps on the market, this Machine holds and positions your fingertips for precise stamping. Bring you the perfect balance which will make your nails even prettier!

- Saves Money: No need to breaking the bank going to salons! You can stamp in different kinds of designs to create a unique eye-catching look on your lovely nails, and it's easy for you to have salon quality nail art.

- Flexible Use: It works on both your hands and feet so that you can give yourself beautiful designs on all your nails! Impress your friends and family!

- Portable: Small and compact design with smooth operation, and It requires no electricity nor batteries allowing you to take it anywhere with you! Ideal for traveling, work, and a lot more.

- Saves Time: No more spending your valuable time to get the perfect nails done! Now you can simply get your nails done beautifully within few seconds.