Magic Slice | 3 Pcs Set - Slicer Shredder Peeler

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Peeling fruits and vegetables can take forever. It's crucial to use the proper tools that will let you peel it off faster and safer without hassle.

This slicer set is perfect for prepping your ingredients! It's capable of slicing and cutting all fruits and vegetable!

Extremely easy to use, allowing you to peel and cut your ingredients within a few seconds without causing you wrist pain or getting stuck in the bump while peeling off the ingredients.


- Patent Pending: Featured with a stainless steel double-edged serrated blade technology, it grips and cuts in two directions. Which will allow you zero pressure when peeling!

- Saves Time: Now you can prep as fast as professional chefs would! You can slice the ingredients without ever using the dull knife or having a risk of cutting yourself.  

- Easy To Clean: Made of eco-friendly materials it's easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

- Ergonomic Grip: "U" shaped handle allows a comfortable wide grip suitable for both left and right-handed people! 

- Functional Design: Each peeler features a melon scoop on the side of the handle for scooping out potato eye and removing seeds! Also, it features an orange peeler!