INSTASEAL | Silicone Food Savers 6 Pieces

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Instantly seal your foods and snacks without any hassles, just simply stretch it on!


Sealing your foods to keep them fresh can be a hassle. Especially with the weak plastic wraps that are harmful when you microwave it. It's crucial to use the right food saver to seal your foods properly and to cook without any toxic chemicals when heated through the microwave.


This ultimate food saver is perfect for sealing any types of containers! Its compatible with all type of container no matter the size of it. Also, Its completely heat resistance which is safe to microwave.


Extremely easy to use, just simply stretch it on the desired container and its ready to use!



- Saves Time: No more wasting plastic wraps by cutting them into a wrong size. Now you can save time, just simply stretch the food saver to fit them into any containers.

- Saves Money: This food saver is completely reusable, unlike any other plastic wraps. You can simply rinse them with water, or put them in a dishwasher to clean and reuse them.

- Extremely Universal: No more worrying about the size of the container lid, now you can seal any types of containers no matter the size of them.

- Safe Materials: Made of food grade BPA-FREE silicon which is safe to use with foods, and completely heat resistance for dishwasher, and microwave.

- Leak Proof: Now you can seal your favorite can of drinks or even a can of leftover beers without worrying about spilling them. No matter the volume of the liquid it will securely seal them. 



Tired of wasting plastic wraps? No worries! This ultimate food saver is just the right fit for you! Featured with a patent-pending design it will allow you to securely seal anything no matter the size. You can use them to seal your leftover fruits, or even to seal your leftover drinks. Completely easy to use yet the best way to securely seal anything!