HULK GRIPPER | Easy Gripper Panel Carrier

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Carry heavy building materials without the extra labor!




Lifting a heavy panel can be a hassle. It's crucial to use the proper tool that will allow you to carry any building materials with a secure grip and handle.


The Hulk Gripper is the perfect solution! Featured with a patent pending nylon polymer gripper it will prevent you from getting a blister or from dropping the panels.


It's simple and compact allowing you to carry it anywhere. Also, it's really easy to use.


- Labor-Saving: No need to get the extra person to help you carry the panels. Now you can simply carry them anywhere by yourself!

- Saves Money: Hulk Gripper will hold on to your panel nice and secure. It will give you stable control when carrying the panels to prevent damages.

- Saves Time: Not only it will save you on money and labor, but it will also save you time! Grip allows the panels to be moved much quickly up and down the stairs and ladders.

- Back-Saving: No need to injure your back from awkward postures due to heavy lifting. Now you can simply lift up any heavy materials by yourself while preventing back pains.

- Patent Pending: Our world famous patent-pending glass-filled nylon polymer gripper will carry up to 200 lbs. Also, Its suitable for most surfaces including plywood (up to 3/4"), drywall (up to 3/4"), particle board, melamine, sheet metal, cement board, and lot more.