EZSKEWER | 16 Holes Easy BBQ Kabob Skewer Maker

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Cook up to 16 delicious BBQ skewer at once in seconds!



Making skewer can be time-consuming, especially if you have a big party coming up. It is crucial to use the proper tool that will save you time and make perfect skewers.


This ultimate kitchen tool is perfect for making delicious bbq skewer! It will allow you to make 16 skewers at once!


Extremely easy to use, simply stack up your favorite toppings using the tool, insert the skewer stick between the holes, and slice your knife through the lateral slats. You will be amazed how quick and easy it is to make delicious BBQ skewers.



- Patent Pending: Made of non-stick food grade BPA free ABS plastic, it is safe to cook your delicious skewers using the tool.

- Saves Time: No need to prep, and no more mess. Now you can make skewer without time-consuming work!

- Saves Money: No need to buy overpriced pre-made BBQ skewers, now you can make your own skewer using your fresh favorite toppings without hassles.

- Easy To Clean: Just simply sprinkle some soap and rinse it with water. Also, it's dishwasher safe.

- Universal: Not only for BBQs, you can also cook your favorite dessert skewer using the tool. Have fun and be creative with it! 



Need to cook in bulk for the upcoming party? No worries! This ultimate skewer is just the right fit for you! Featured with a patent pending design, it will allow you to make 16 skewers in seconds. Also, it will help you make the perfect shaped skewer each time you use it. No more making a mess, and no more taking forever to cut individually.