DRILLY | 3 PCS Power Scrub Brush Drill Kit

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Clean Faster And Better Without Time Consuming Work!



Cleaning the bathroom and greases off the kitchen can take forever. It's crucial to use the proper tool that will let you clean faster and better without hassle.


This drill brush kit is perfect for cleaning all surfaces! It's compatible with all types of drills and completely cordless!


Extremely easy to use, allowing you to clean the whole bathroom within a few minutes without causing you backpains nor leaving you leftover stains.



- Patent Pending: Compatible all drills, it will attach to your favorite cordless drill. Just simply attach the brush kit to your drill jaw.

- Better Reach: Featured with 3 different sizes and shapes of brushes, it will allow you to clean hard to reach surfaces without a problem!

- Safe To Use: Made of Nylon Bristles, it will not scratch and can be used on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosure, shower door tracks, porcelain, and a lot more!

- Save Time: Depending on the strength of your drill, it will usually allow you to clean and scrub ten times faster than an ordinary drill. Now you can clean faster and enjoy your free time!

- Save Money: No need to buy a new kitchenware for the burnt marks or for the greases that are impossible to clean! Now you can simply clean it with ease using the brush kit!