STICKEZ | Super Easy Gripping Pad 5 Pcs

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Hanging decorations on the wall can give out more appealing look to your house, but leaving a hole in the wall can be a hassle. It's crucial to use the proper tool to help you hang anything without ever drilling nor hammering.


This magical hanging tool perfect for hanging artworks, and decorations. Each pad will hold up to 5 Ib allowing you to numerous pad for heavy items.


Its extremely easy to use, just simply rinse the pad with water and it will be ready to use instantly. Also, it will never leave any sticky glue stains.



- Patent Pending: Featured with the patent-pending design it will allow you to hang anything without ever damaging the property.

- Saves Time: No need to measure the frames to hang, now you hang it instantly without hassle.

- Saves Money: Best way to save your security deposit. Now you can hang anything in your dorm, office, and apartments without ever worrying about your money being taken away!

- Universal: You can use it as a key holder, tablet holder, and lot more. Be creative and have fun with it, It will stick anywhere with ease.

- Reusable: It's completely reusable up to 1000 times, just simply rinse it with water and ready to use again!



Tired of damaging your walls to hang decorations? No worries! This ultimate tool is just the right fit for you! Featured with a powerful suction grip, each pad will hold up to 5 Ib with ease. Allowing you to be creative, and to use it as you desire! Also, you can even cut the pads into a smaller size for small items. Hang your decorations yet saves you money and time!